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Wednesday, July 12, at Noon ET

Discover long-held industry secrets and learn how to leverage them to grow your business.

Get a better perspective on what works.

Hibre Teklemariam, VP, Partner, SunStar Strategic

Don't leave every meeting and media opportunity wondering why you never got to say what you had planned!

In this interactive mini-session, you’ll get An Inside Look at the strategies and techniques to ensure your key messages are delivered every time as taught by our PR professionals in SunStar’s full-day Media Training Bootcamp. 

To get the most from this 40-minute training session, please be prepared with three key messages that differentiate you from your competitors. 

Join us! We’ll offer actionable tips and answer all your questions.

"Sunstar has been instrumental in the education of our key staff in how to conduct interviews so we ...present a succinct and appropriate message." 

Randy Bateman, Former President & CIO, Huntington Funds

Our Media Bootcamp has empowered hundreds of companies  to be more successful with the media.

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If you've been struggling with getting the attention you deserve, we're here to help! 

We've helped companies create and deliver compelling messages for 25 years. 

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